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     Art brings people together, and creativity opens hearts. 



Gussie Mustain is an illustrator with a whimsical animation flair. 

Her paintings convey the antics, emotions and feelings of her subjects.


She has the ability to capture the warm genuine heart felt moments....the "Pride" of a child who thinks he is the greatest Wrangler...



"Tenderness" of a little girl who has her arms wrapped around her most cherished possession, her dog...


 The "shyness" of a youngman with his first love...


The "ooooh's and aaaah's" of a horse rolling on his back to scratch that itch!


She paints everyday moments with a passion for bold; vibrate colors which radiate a joyfulness that appeals to your heart.  Her unique style invites people to grin and chuckle.  Her attitude undoubtedly has an impact on her work and her paintings show that she enjoys what she paints.  The viewer who sees her paintings feels the same way.


Are you looking for a great piece of artwork for your home? My website presents you with an overview of my artwork, and you can also contact me directly. I'm sure you'll find something that meets your taste! 


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