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Gussie Mustain


The majority of her art is done with acrylic paints on traditional canvas.  She starts with a sketch of daily life and surroundings; color is added, some tweaking to the composition.  "Wa La" finished product...which might take on a whole different look from the original idea.  She tells a visual story with words of paint and that is why composing the picture is very important to her.  She lives in her illustration - Who or what is the main subject?  What is the proper emotion to convey? What are the surroundings of the subject - weather, etc.?  Is the action of the painting attrracting the viewer's attention?


The characters of her paintings invite amusement and simply stated.... her paintings                                      "Just bring a smile to your face!"

I can create individual artworks for your workplace. At the entrance or in the conference room you can have decor accents, for example.


Have a look around and maybe you will find something that fits your taste.


Western Influence



Good Times

Gussie Mustain

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Gussie Mustain

11 Star St.
Cape Fair, MO 65624

What's New?

Harvest Festival Exhibition -      Silver Dollar City / Branson, MO    Come visit and see the most current work being painted and sold at the exhibition.

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